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Sheeran Guitars By Lowden

We shot this short for the release of the new ‘Sheeran by Lowden’ range of guitars. George Lowden has been hand building some of the worlds best guitars since the 70’s. He’s taken everything he has learned from the craft and combined it with modern technology to produce a stand out quality guitar aimed at young new players. Ed & George collaborated to design this guitar out of their passion to want new players to use quality instruments at affordable price.

A note from Ed

I grew up wanting to play Lowden guitars, but they were so rare and so expensive I didn’t end up getting one till I was given one by my friend Gary from Snow Patrol in 2012. Through Gary I met George Lowden and he started making my tour guitars for me, which were amazing both on stage and in the studio

We have been talking for years about trying to make a guitar that was as amazing as a Lowden but in a price point that was the same as the regular guitar companies, and also be made in Ireland. We never thought it was possible, but George and his team managed it

I’m so honoured to launch our new guitar brand, Sheeran guitars by Lowden. These are without a doubt the best guitars at their price point, and just a joy to play

Check out more at, I hope you love them as much as me

Ed x

Dog Day Media Production Team
Director: Billy Cummings
Cinematographer: Chris Buckley
Cinematographer: Billy Cummings
Editor: Billy Cummings
Colour Grade: Chris Buckley

Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Zeiss CP2 35mm
Zeiss CP2 50mm
Zeiss Batis 18mm
Canon 70-200
Rhino Slider

January 25, 2019


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